Sunday, September 6, 2015

First Annual Health Fair

Just over a week ago, our M1 and M2 students were thrilled to be able to host our very first Health Fair!

The Health Fair was was fittingly hosted a year to the day after our directors (Saima and Lisa) officially began to plan for the event. Over that year, they assembled a valiant team of directors and volunteers who worked together under the guiding light of our extraordinary faculty advisor to make last year's dream become this year's reality.

The ups, downs, ins, and outs of planning will not be documented here because I can never hope to understand the incredible amount of detail that was involved. Also after being involved with Team PR, I now question whether anything I post is, in fact, legal. 

So in order to celebrate this great event, here is an iPhone photo tour of this momentous day!

Most of the set up was completed the Friday afternoon before the event. Saturday's set up included extraordinary feats like setting up that beautiful tent you can see in the background of this photo, as well as figuring out where (and how) to hang our banner.

Here we are contemplating ideas. 

Several strategies were tested:

But finally we found the perfect placement.

Here is a photo courtesy of our incredible faculty advisor to better illustrate the set up. You can also see the DJ setting up to provide entertainment for those attending the event. 

We also had to bring in some last essential supplies:

Including LOTS of pamphlets:

AND essential ingredients for our nutrionist demonstration:

Our faculty and student volunteers then headed to their stations:

Where we made sure that all of our supplies were in order:

As you can tell, we were all beyond excited that the big day had finally come. 

The day absolutely flew by, with new volunteers shifting in and out of stations all morning to provide relief. 

Several of our volunteers even took a break to donate to the Blood Bank!

Perhaps the only aspect of the day that could use improvement was the choice to allow yours truly to document it, as evidenced by the existence of a photo of Louis eating a healthy snack.

Thanks to all who participated!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

follow Schmidt all over the world!

Schmidty is getting to know Sara's backpack very well, since starting next week he'll be living out of it. Stay tuned for pictures of his travels as he spreads CES COM pride all over the globe!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


On Friday, the event that everyone had been waiting for finally arrived: AMWA held its first general meeting!

The officers walked down to the breezeway to pick up some refreshments. For some reason, no other club has ever gotten their meeting catered by Einstein. Like Einstein, AMWA ladies will now be known for their brilliance because we had two dozen cookies and two boxes of coffee cakes. We'll also be known for our strength, because the guys working at Einstein could not believe that we were going to carry these boxes back to school without some sort of cart. They legitimately asked to see our arm muscles before we left.

Who needs a cart when your organization exists to create strong women?! We also made sure to get some delicious coffee. Here is how beautiful a spread can look if women are paying attention to presentation details.

First things first though: we had to erase the evidence of the Fantasy Football meeting thing that remained on the board.

Much better. After we got rid of that, the line to get into the meeting wrapped around the hall! We were so excited to welcome all of our first year ladies!

As everyone walked in, Kathryn played a slideslow featuring last year's activities and our "girl power" playlist over the speakers.

Here's the turnout. Amazing!

Dr. Henson came by to talk about the benefits of joining AMWA. She discussed the mentoring, the support, and the sisterhood. How even though we may be more represented in medicine now than when she joined (our incoming class is 60% women), we still face unique challenges as women.

Her speech was so powerful that even the boys decided they wanted to be part of AMWA:

As well as course directors:

Kathryn gave a presentation going over all of the events put on by AMWA last year and detailing all of our plans for the year to come. Thank you to all of the first year ladies and our incredible advisor for creating such a strong foundation for AMWA--ifour first meeting was any indication, we're at the start of a very exciting second year.