Sunday, September 2, 2012


On Friday, the event that everyone had been waiting for finally arrived: AMWA held its first general meeting!

The officers walked down to the breezeway to pick up some refreshments. For some reason, no other club has ever gotten their meeting catered by Einstein. Like Einstein, AMWA ladies will now be known for their brilliance because we had two dozen cookies and two boxes of coffee cakes. We'll also be known for our strength, because the guys working at Einstein could not believe that we were going to carry these boxes back to school without some sort of cart. They legitimately asked to see our arm muscles before we left.

Who needs a cart when your organization exists to create strong women?! We also made sure to get some delicious coffee. Here is how beautiful a spread can look if women are paying attention to presentation details.

First things first though: we had to erase the evidence of the Fantasy Football meeting thing that remained on the board.

Much better. After we got rid of that, the line to get into the meeting wrapped around the hall! We were so excited to welcome all of our first year ladies!

As everyone walked in, Kathryn played a slideslow featuring last year's activities and our "girl power" playlist over the speakers.

Here's the turnout. Amazing!

Dr. Henson came by to talk about the benefits of joining AMWA. She discussed the mentoring, the support, and the sisterhood. How even though we may be more represented in medicine now than when she joined (our incoming class is 60% women), we still face unique challenges as women.

Her speech was so powerful that even the boys decided they wanted to be part of AMWA:

As well as course directors:

Kathryn gave a presentation going over all of the events put on by AMWA last year and detailing all of our plans for the year to come. Thank you to all of the first year ladies and our incredible advisor for creating such a strong foundation for AMWA--ifour first meeting was any indication, we're at the start of a very exciting second year.

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  1. HAHA that fantasy football stuff was still up there?!! It almost lasted a week!