Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rachel: The Case Study

Hello friends! Here's an update with a picture, since that counts as 1000 words. I took this of Rachel the other day, and since she was so kind as to just offer me a corner of her PB&J, she gets an entire blog post about this photo. (Note: Rachel has given informed consent for this blog post). 

Rachel, a 24 year old WF, presents here with CLASSIC med school attire, illustrative of many aspects of our lifestyle. 
First, note the scrubs. Rachel is a rockstar at anatomy and has a particular love of the shoulder. Last week, she spent time in the anatomy lab dissecting, which explains why she's in her (super classy Brigham!) scrubs. However, you can also see that she's wearing professional shoes. This is most likely due to the fact that she's had contact with patients (standardized or with a preceptor) earlier in the day. Finally, it should be noted that she is wearing a white coat. We are required to wear our white coats whenever we have patient contact. In this case, however, since the scrubs indicate that Rachel has most recently been in the lab, we can assume that she is wearing the white coat to avoid freezing in our VERY air-conditioned building.  
Rachel presents with several other details that help us obtain a full picture of her current lifestyle. The earphones are most likely supplying her with a steady stream of Lady Gaga (yet another reason why Rachel is the best.) She can also be seen deeply investigating something in a textbook. Our classmates have differing opinions of textbooks. I personally don't use many, except Netter's Clinical Anatomy and Netter's Atlas, which frequently accompany me into both my bed and my shower.
Assessment/Plan: Rachel is a rockstar medical student. She is studying even though it is beautiful and sunny outside. She should keep up the good work and come back to the blog frequently for checkups. 

There we have it! Rachel, the case study. Please note that I should get marked down for not noting her last menstrual period or obtaining any information as to her end-of-life values. I'm still working on that bit. 

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