Wednesday, August 1, 2012

AMWA, minus the "American"

On our first day in the hospital in Kathmandu, we were greeted by the director, Dr. Samira Khan. During her introduction of the hospital, Katie leaned over to me and whispered, "we have to tell AMWA about her." Brilliant, determined, strong, and beautiful, the only thing setting Dr. Khan apart from the other equally inspirational AMWA members we know is the fact that she's not American. To read more about her take on the benefits and challenges of being a woman in medicine, head on over to  The Doctor Weighs In, where she is featured in an article for "XX in Healthcare Week," celebrating women in medicine. 
Dr. Khan takes time to tend to our own wounds in between patients. 

Jake was more worried about Dr. Samira dripping betadine on her beautiful clothes than he was about his wound. 

After an afternoon of seeing patients.

Dr. Samira arranged for us to go see the construction of the new teaching hospital, where she'll be directing the OB/Gyn department. 

Future delivery rooms where Dr. Samira will be practicing.
One challenge she mentioned specifically? Lack of equipment. To find out how to help Dr. Khan and the other physicians at Manmohan memorial, contact Sara Teichholtz at sarateichholtz AT gmail DOT com. The OB/Gyn department is most in need of an ultrasound machine, a doppler, and a colposcope. 

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