Thursday, August 9, 2012


This week, we've been staying busy welcoming the First Second Class to our school. Our excitement over meeting our new class has (mostly) outweighed our oldest-child-syndrome anxiety about sharing all of the attention (#inauguralclassproblems), and our enthusiasm has probably crossed over to the point of being a little overwhelming to our newbies. (But that deserves it's own post).

AMWA hit the ground running this year. The officers have already met to schedule out our goals for the year, which started with recruiting new members from the class of 2016. At our Student Interest Group Fair today, we set up a table to provide information about AMWA (and chocolate) to the new class. Here are some photos from the event!

Rachel explains some of the many benefits of joining AMWA.

Word spread quickly amongst the ladies of the class of 2016!

...and, apparently, the men of the class of 2016.

We spoke about how AMWA enabled us to be surrounded by, and supported us in becoming, strong, empowered women. Our poster provided evidence.

Yours truly became an expert in button making. For those of you who were wondering, "flaming fuchsia" is the FAU Club House's name for "the brightest pink you guys have--no, brighter than that." Said buttons were almost as popular as the chocolate.

By the end of our lunch hour, our list of interested students contained 35 out of the 37 ladies of the class of 2016. And also one or two of the men. I'd say that's the sign of a successful start.

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