Thursday, August 9, 2012


If our incoming class had any remaining dreams of "free time" after four days of orientation, the student health fair today has probably squashed them. Today during lunch, the M2s put on a Student Interest Group Fair to share with our newbies all of the opportunities that await them outside of the lecture hall. They bravely faced South Florida summer weather to spend an hour perusing the tables that we'd set up outside, finding out which organizations they were interested in joining (or at least which ones had the best candy). The M2s also had to float around quite a bit, since it appears that we all have pretty divided loyalties (or just a shared hatred of spare time):

Each of the organizations had a table set up. Many had posters, powerpoints, and other educational materials to provide to the first years:

The second year interest group members wore T-shirts indicating their interest group loyalties. Most of them also gave out candy. Team Peds got bonus points because they gave out candy while wearing T shirts that showed them giving out candy.
In an effort to limit how many of our classmates develop diabetes, Internal Medicine gave out candy only to the one person who could correctly guess how many M&Ms were in the jar.

Global Health displayed evidence that its members had the best summer experiences.

And Medical Spanish demonstrated that language ability is probably encoded pretty close to whatever gene controls button-making skill.

Meanwhile, HealthC.A.R.E. stirred up excitement for our upcoming Health Fair!

Of course, HUGE thanks are in order to those who made the Student Interest Group Fair (and student interest groups) possible:
In addition to providing our new class with information about the opportunities that await them, the fair gave our class a chance to appreciate what we've accomplished. We got to take a step back and appreciate how far our clubs had come in their first year of existence-- a year ago, these organizations existed only in our heads. With 64 enthusiastic new members of CESCOM, our second year is sure to be even more successful. Good thing we have people to document it:

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  1. Interestingly enough, the one person that correctly guessed how many M&M's was diabetic.... LOL. The jar is still floating around the first year study rooms....